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After ten years composing in the world of electronic music, getting on some stages in Europe (Germany, Belgium, even Hungary and of course France), French composer Thierry Laprade finally turned to the more popular "epic" or soundtrack genre, but in a very personal way, trying to mix electronic and classic, heavy kicks and super-heavy toms, dramatic choir and pop voices...definitively straying away from the path (though he sometimes claims the opposite) of Hollywood composers.

He made his first arms with the GotterDammerung (paper) RPG soundtrack in a project called "Avant-Garde" which already displayed the basis of what would become the Light and Darkness concept : an album depicts a story. In The Rebellion of Terra author's favored theme comes forward again: struggle against oppression, and with it, the musical wrath that was his trademark during the "electronic years" (the "Darkness" side ?), the tempo is high, the choirs almost always sing at their max, and the drums have the upper hand on the melody. Future releases shall be the result of a more orthodox application of harmonic rules (the "Light" side ?), but you never now with those self-taught and stubborn composer...

Nevertheless, with a professional quality double cd, keeping on following his own (and yes, maybe rogue...) way, Light and Darkness celebrates high and loud the beginning of its own epic !


Thierry Laprade lives in France, with his incredibly understanding wife and his little devilish cat. When he's not annoying the neighborhood with his noisy compositions, he goes back to school to give children some teachings.


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