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Light and Darkness Manifesto


Light and Darkness is a musical project experimenting with the tools of "soundtrack" or film music to produce popular and independent music.

Music listeners being fond of categories, sub-genre and exciting combos, let's tag our music as a Neo-electronic Epic Drama.

Neo-electronic: the pioneers of electronic music used computers to create new sounds, severing the bonds with traditional instruments like violins, flutes or drums. With the age of synthesizers came instruments taking the role of their old counterpart, like electronic drums, analogic strings or bass, but they were still radically different. Today, modern computer technology and sampling techniques aim at reproducing acoustic instruments with an unheard of realism. This is clearly a new age in electronic music history and Light and Darkness is fully committed to its exploration.

Epic: choir singing fff, heavy pounding toms, lyrical strings and dynamic brass are all key components of a good trailer ! The Hollywood industry, as well as video games, advertisements have popularized a musical genre that strikes hard and fast right to the guts and then to the heart. Now, "Epic" is a musical genre in itself, and it means that if the first listening doesn't leave you with the slightest "wow" effect, we miss our point entirely.

Drama: rather than chaining "epic" love songs to build an album, each Light and Darkness' project depicts a consistent story, following a narrative order, just like in a film soundtrack. And as mankind greatness often appear in adversity, it has almost always a tragic feel. Note however that unlike a novel or a movie, you won't find detailed descriptions or a precise storyboard, even in the "story" section of the album. Music has a different language, which is that of the emotions, and you have to let your heart tell you the story.

It is our ambition to deliver you a thrilling experience using today's most breath-taking sounds through a sincere and personal expression that, just as a good story, will make you feel greater.


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