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This is the list of the most relevant hardware and software used to compose the current release (2013-2015).

Disclaimer : the list below is for informational purpose only, it cannot be considered advertisement in any way.


  • Computer : PC windows 7 ; i7 quad core, 16Go RAM , Roland Quad-capture sound card,
  • Keyboard & Controller: Akai MPK88

Software (all fully paid and licensed!)


  • Cubase 8
  • Dark Planet
  • Padshop Pro incl Granular Symphonies & Guitar


  • Symphonic Orchestra (Platinum)
  • Hollywood Strings (diamond)
  • Hollywood Brass (diamond)
  • Symphonic Choir
  • Stormdrum 2
  • Voice of Passion
  • Ministry of Rock 1 & 2

Native Instrument (from Komplete 9):

  • Razor (obsolete)
  • Massive (obsolete)
  • Kontakt 5 including factory library sounds
  • String Session Pro (obsolete)
  • Studio Drummer
  • Action Strings
  • Action Strike
  • Rise & Hit

Heavy-o-City Damage

Heavy-o-City Aeon Collection

8Dio Forgotten Voices Barbary Grant

Vocaloid 2 Prima & Sonika (obsolete)

ReFx Nexus (obsolete)

Best Service  Shevannai ; Epic World

Audiogrocery Bulgarian Choir Voices I





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