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Exercices de Style


Exercices de Style : Revolution

Unlike L&D previous albums, Exercices de Style does not portray a single story, but is a collection of various soundtrack sub-genre tracks.

Without a solid background to work on, I used game trailers, running in circle in a remote corner of my screens. I think I know by the heart every second of the Witcher, Elder Scroll online or Warhammer online short movies !

Hence the idea to put some short videos on the music. You can have a full preview of four tracks here :


The first three tracks can be listened at on CD Baby's page :


If you can't hear us on your favorite streaming platform let us know, we should be online in every remote corner of the galaxy !



Exercices de Style is only available in digital edition at our partners.

17 tracks including alternative versions 63 min + of epic music

Hope you'll enjoy !











Keep me informed of L&D releases (and only that !)

ultra modern epic cinematic music


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