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GotterDammerüng Original Soundtrack


The Book of Enoch


GotterDammerung audio preview

"In a world called Midgard, the cold and harsh Norrland is struggling against an exceptionally long and severe winter. But its inhabitants, the proud and sturdy Northlandir worry more about the intentions of the Emperor, a man without name, master of sorcery and allied of the Giants, these terrible creatures that have sworn to take over Midgard."

The Player's Tales campaign has all the ingredients of heroic fantasy adventures in the Nordic mythological world: Giants, evil sorcerers, grim Dvergar (dwarves), reclusive Alfar (elves)... Through the exploration of the nine worlds, five heroes will have to find out if Ragnarök is coming for real, and thwart the plans of the doomed emperor's minions. As the tension builds up to the final battle, dreadful portents warn the heroes that without a perfect mastery of the runes, victory could only be won at a terrible price...

You'll find a more precise description of the music/script relationship in the e-booklet below, as well as the (inaudible) lyrics sung by the choirs and the original artworks from Player's Tales.

GotterDammerung RPG OST e-booklet (pdf)

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