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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview

Omniscience, the artwork featured on The Rebellion of Terra, is a collaboration of Yann Souetre and Nihil. Find more about those great artists below and rush at their website !


Yann Souetre (also known as Remain Silent)

Who better than Yann Souetre could express the man/machine dichotomy ? For more than 20 years, Yann has been creating breathtaking artificial landscapes. From incredibly detailed "Gigerish" canyons to gravity defying rusty towers, bottomless sky-scraping cities to dangerous oceans of wires and cables, the artist's brush build rather than paint and the textures may have more to tell than the figure they draw. Though tones can sometimes look clear and optimistic, reminding Jim Burns drawings of the golden age of space opera, the mood is more often dark and grim, as if polluted by machines running for their own sake.

And indeed, in these artificial vistas, the absence of life is striking. You won't either find many references to Mankind or any alien civilization, as if the machines had long severed the ties with their builders, like the proverbial creature escaping its master, or simply striking us with obsolescence in the race to become the architects of the universe.

Yann Souetre work questions the link of Man to technè and the keys to his world are to be found in the Men Machines Souls trilogy masterpiece of his electronic music project Remain Silent.

Artist's website


Nihil is a choreograph of the psyche, making bodies dance until they let loose what is inside. The artist's camera then captures the fragile moment of grace to expose it without mercy to our reality. Don't be afraid of what flesh has to say. The message come from afar and hence is faint, but once get rid of self-induced background noise, it becomes audible in its universality.

Nihil manages the remarkable tour de force of making models express pain and serenity, in an ode to dignity that inspire greatness and composure. Even on the face of death.

In Omniscience, both artist's worlds collide and fix in a critical point, letting us decide of the outcome.

Artist's website (you might want the kids out before...or not)



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