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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview

The Oath

Hear The Call Of The Downtrodden
This Is The Song Of The People Irate
Join The Ranks Of Our Proud Column
We'll Soon Overcome The Machine's State

No More Wailing
No Sigh Or Tears
High Are Our Hopes
And Stout Our Hearts
No More Wailing
No Sigh Or Tears

The Soldier
By This Oath I Swear,
To Fight The Deadly Drones Of The Machines Boldly
To Defend The Oppressed Against The Mechanical Tyranny
To Tear Down The Veil Of The Mind Police Propaganda
To Obey Nothing Else But The Commands Of My Human Heart
Brothers And Sisters Of Cause
Bless Me...With Your Camaraderie

Wanna Leave This World
As Pure As A Child
Win Back My Honor And Manhood
Wrap Me With The Flag Of Freedom
A Slave I Lived, A Hero I'll Die

For The Sake Of Liberty
In The Name Of Humanity
For Honor And Glory

Deliver Me From My Useless Destiny
My Life's Withering Under The Iron Heel
Let My Voice Join The Clamors Of Mutiny
Before The Machines, I Will No Longer Kneel

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