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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview


Prisoners of War


So Here's The Time For The Final Blow
The Battle I Waited For Years
Under The Pressure Feeling Disappears
A Warrior's Heart's No Place For Sorrow

(I) Wish I Could Speak Like A Bard
Let The Words Spring Out Of My Heart
Sing The Hymns War Never Teach
And Find Peace

Should Fate Has Chosen Tomorrow
To Take Me Away From This World
There's One Thing I Want You To Know
Though A Warrior's Heart's No Place For Sorrow

Do You Taste The Irony
Now That You're Far Away
Come The Words I Never Dare To Say
Bursting Out Of My Chest Like A Yell
This Truth I Never Face To Tell

In This World Of Uncertainty
Cursing The Whims Of Destiny
The Only Thing I Hold For True
Is That I Love

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