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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview


Of The Majestic Dooms
Of The Chilling Dusks
Of The Appalling Wounds
Of The Destinies Unjust
Of All Freya's Runes
Of Utopias In Ruins
Of The Heralds Of Gloom

Of The Defeats Endured
Of The Battles Survived
Of The Ordeals Outlived
Of Our Heroines Grieved
Of The Dread Eclypses
Of All The Lost Causes

You're The Most

Stay With Me
Don't Punish Me With This Agony
Stay With Me
I Don't Wanna Live For Memories

Forgive Me Gods,
But I Forbid You To Forestall Me In Valhalla
Stay With...
And Since Fate, Has Designed My Own Crucifixion
I'd Gladly Trade This Place, Infernal
For The Desert Fields Of Oblivion
Where Our Love

Shall Be





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