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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview



Mind Control Sentry Choir

Let us remove the bad feelings we detect in your mind
The human thoughts need to be bound better follow our advice

It's your interest to do you best to obey our orders
If you are sad watch our programs it shall repair your soul

We forbid you to rule yourself you know it's for your good
Don't think to much our brains do it so you can keep on working

Left on your own your impotent cannot to sustain yourself
Don't ask for more we give you all keep on smiling and have fun

Warning code red rebellion
Warning signs of dissenssion

It's our duty to stop unrest and preserve order
Revolutions are forbidden history has stopped by decree

Dreamers like you keep on spreading wrong ideals and violence
Efficiency is your duty reveal yourself in work

If your docile you will arise reach an enviable rank
Never forget it could be worse so don't arouse our anger

Don't cross the line don't get remarked or you'll recieve a fine
No better place no better life than in the state of (the) machines

we give you all we can afford without threatening ourselves
And you need us as we need you society needs masters

The wars we waged executions we stage
we do it for peace

Never forget it could be worse so don't provoke our anger

Keep me informed of L&D releases (and only that !)

neo electronic epic music for a greater living


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