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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview


Into the Fray

Lock Your Rifle/Raise Your Gun
Take Your Aim/Ready For Battle
Missiles Locked/Machines Guns Armed
Target Acquired/Smite The Oppressors

No Step Back/No Respite
No Turn Round/'Til  Machines Break Down
Brave The Fear/Face The Fire
Honor The Pyre/Avenge The Fallen

O Stalwart Men, Let's Be Bold, Brave
Man-Kind One Day Will Be Free

The Soldier
We'll Fight You Night And Day
To Take What We've Lost
Whatever Be The Cost
We'll Never Give Away

We'll Fight You Everywhere
Fields, Streets Or Factories
Heart-Sealed To Victory
Let's Jump Into The Fray

Ô Stalwart Men
Let's Be Bold And Brave
One Day Mankind Will Be Free

We'll Fight You 'Til The End
To Get Our Freedom Back
A Concept You're Alien
Yet The Reason We … Attack

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