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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview

The Storm

Human Liberation Army Officier
Fellows Take Heart , And March On To Vitory
Forget About Today, And Write Down Our Own History
Liberators Of Terra ! Let's Start A New Era

Take Heart Fellows
Leave Aside Today
Together We'll Pave The Way For
Brighter Tomorrows

We've Left Our Home
In Fighters Reborn
Always On The Run
Friends Are So Many
We're Never Alone

Heave-Ho Fellows
Leave Back Sorrow
Let's Fall The Rain
After The Storm
The Sun Always Shine

Leave Back Sorrows
Heave-Ho Fellows

The Soldier
I Cannot Promise You Victory
But I Can Predict Doom
You Can Keep On Wandering Around The Life
Overcast By Gloom
In A World Where (darkness) Thrive
Or Join Our Side
And Write Down Your Own... History

Can't You See The Black Fumes Gathering Not So Far Off
Our World Burnt To The Ground, Are They The Portents Of
Coming Quickly Is The Day, Terra Will Be A Lifeless Rock
Eaten Alive By The Programmed Greed
Of Our Ruling Machines

Ooo Face Of Innocence
And Cruel Times So Vile
I Have To Arm Those Hands Almost Nubile
With The Deadly Tools Of Offense
And Get Both Of Us Drawn
In The Eye Of The Storm

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