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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview



The Soldier
I'm Afraid I Can't Speak Your Language
Mine Has The Accent Of Grief
And Carry A Sour Taste Of Rust
While Yours Is So Naive
Yet Commanding As Lust

Can we ally
Can we Survive
Does times allow
War and Love

Shall we ignore
Shall we explore
And both fall for
Love and War

I'm Afraid I'm Already
Body And Soul, Engaged
Honor Tied
Freedom Allied
Glory For Bride
And Death...Betrothed

So I Try To Quell My Passion
Burying It Deep Under The Demands Of My Mission

But Every time I Close My Eyes
Return This Overwhelming Desire
I Sue My Heart For A Cease-Fire
Instead : “Coward !” It Get Me Chastised

O Lo My Enemies
I Turned Out To Be What I Abhorred
A Soulless War Engine
Hiding Under A Frame Of Armor
A Skeleton Of Tin

You actuate the plans of Fate
Can't understand til it's too late

Maybe Should I Despise You
For Showing Me In A Glimpse Of Bliss
In All Those Values I Held For True
There Was Something ...Amiss

This Saying I was so Proud of
“He's No Man He Who Does Not Fight”
You Taught Me (it) Wasn’t Entirely Right

“He's No Man He Who Does Not Love”


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