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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview


The Fall of the Colossus



"This is the story of Dogville, a miserable town in a forgotten place. Domineering the landscape, was a gigantic head of steel, left over by the machines to celebrate their victory. Everybody believed that the body of the metal giant was lying underneath, and should anyone stands against the machine's rule, the colossus would rise, and crush the poor little town.

Fear passed, and cowardice stayed. After decades nothing was left of the human grandeur. Until one day a child, playful and uncaring escaped the watch of the elders approached the daring face and in a laugh began to stone it ! Horrified the adults run at him. But it was too late...the giant awoke ! In a deafening rumble, earth shook and the little town trembled. And the legend revealed to be true. Under the old relic was the mighty body of the former robot of war. As it rose its hands spread its lifeless gaze staring at the little child.

But the other children took stones too, and threw them at the monster of steel. An incongruous battle began.

"I am the rule !" said the iron king. "I am might !" roared the tyrant.

Terrified the adults cowered begging their master to spare the life of their children. They had forgotten a machine has no heart, and were surprised to see the robot began to turn around to face with violence the tiny threat of their offspring.

But then everybody saw that from the feet to the waist, the war robot was filled with rot and rust. And unable to carry it's own formidable weight, the machine crumbled in a pile of junk, on which the children of the children are playing today."


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