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The Rebellion of Terra


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"Listen carefully ye who hear me,'cause all of this happens in your future.

We don't know how and when, but the machines take over the control of Terra.

One by one governments fell under their domination, and we lost all freedom.

As always there have been traitors to side for the oppressors,
and bold combatant to fight them.

Right or wrong, fake or real,

This is our story. "


The Oath

Hear The Call Of The Downtrodden
This Is The Song Of The People Irate
Join The Ranks Of Our Proud Column
We'll Soon Overcome The Machine's State

No More Wailing
No Sigh Or Tears
High Are Our Hopes
And Stout Our Hearts
No More Wailing
No Sigh Or Tears

The Soldier
By This Oath I Swear,
To Fight The Deadly Drones Of The Machines Boldly
To Defend The Oppressed Against The Mechanical Tyranny
To Tear Down The Veil Of The Mind Police Propaganda
To Obey Nothing Else But The Commands Of My Human Heart
Brothers And Sisters Of Cause
Bless Me...With Your Camaraderie

Wanna Leave This World
As Pure As A Child
Win Back My Honor And Manhood
Wrap Me With The Flag Of Freedom
A Slave I Lived, A Hero I'll Die

For The Sake Of Liberty
In The Name Of Humanity
For Honor And Glory

Deliver Me From My Useless Destiny
My Life's Withering Under The Iron Heel
Let My Voice Join The Clamors Of Mutiny
Before The Machines, I Will No Longer Kneel



Mind Control Sentry Choir

Let us remove the bad feelings we detect in your mind
The human thoughts need to be bound better follow our advice

It's your interest to do you best to obey our orders
If you are sad watch our programs it shall repair your soul

We forbid you to rule yourself you know it's for your good
Don't think to much our brains do it so you can keep on working

Left on your own your impotent cannot to sustain yourself
Don't ask for more we give you all keep on smiling and have fun

Warning code red rebellion
Warning signs of dissenssion

It's our duty to stop unrest and preserve order
Revolutions are forbidden history has stopped by decree

Dreamers like you keep on spreading wrong ideals and violence
Efficiency is your duty reveal yourself in work

If your docile you will arise reach an enviable rank
Never forget it could be worse so don't arouse our anger

Don't cross the line don't get remarked or you'll recieve a fine
No better place no better life than in the state of (the) machines

we give you all we can afford without threatening ourselves
And you need us as we need you society needs masters

The wars we waged executions we stage
we do it for peace

Never forget it could be worse so don't provoke our anger


Into the Fray

Lock Your Rifle/Raise Your Gun
Take Your Aim/Ready For Battle
Missiles Locked/Machines Guns Armed
Target Acquired/Smite The Oppressors

No Step Back/No Respite
No Turn Round/'Til  Machines Break Down
Brave The Fear/Face The Fire
Honor The Pyre/Avenge The Fallen

O Stalwart Men, Let's Be Bold, Brave
Man-Kind One Day Will Be Free

The Soldier
We'll Fight You Night And Day
To Take What We've Lost
Whatever Be The Cost
We'll Never Give Away

We'll Fight You Everywhere
Fields, Streets Or Factories
Heart-Sealed To Victory
Let's Jump Into The Fray

Ô Stalwart Men
Let's Be Bold And Brave
One Day Mankind Will Be Free

We'll Fight You 'Til The End
To Get Our Freedom Back
A Concept You're Alien
Yet The Reason We … Attack


Nightmare Riders

We Fly Away/We Take Away/We Run Away

The Lictor
Run! As Fast As You Can
Run! Far As You Can

No Escape From The Pleasuredome
Everything Here Is Under My Control
From Ubiquitous Mental Patrol
To The Latest Soul Survey Drone
Pattern Defined:
Ideals Sterilize
Innocence Brutalize 
Hopes De-Humanize

My Sleepless NightMare Riders
Shall MurMur Memes Of Terror
Until I Get Your Mind ...Aligned

The Soldier
Can't You See,
This Illusion Of Liberty
Is Just Another Aspect
Of Your Captivity

We Fly Away/We Take Away/We Run Away
Never Get Away...


The Storm

Human Liberation Army Officier
Fellows Take Heart , And March On To Vitory
Forget About Today, And Write Down Our Own History
Liberators Of Terra ! Let's Start A New Era

Take Heart Fellows
Leave Aside Today
Together We'll Pave The Way For
Brighter Tomorrows

We've Left Our Home
In Fighters Reborn
Always On The Run
Friends Are So Many
We're Never Alone

Heave-Ho Fellows
Leave Back Sorrow
Let's Fall The Rain
After The Storm
The Sun Always Shine

Leave Back Sorrows
Heave-Ho Fellows

The Soldier
I Cannot Promise You Victory
But I Can Predict Doom
You Can Keep On Wandering Around The Life
Overcast By Gloom
In A World Where (darkness) Thrive
Or Join Our Side
And Write Down Your Own... History

Can't You See The Black Fumes Gathering Not So Far Off
Our World Burnt To The Ground, Are They The Portents Of
Coming Quickly Is The Day, Terra Will Be A Lifeless Rock
Eaten Alive By The Programmed Greed
Of Our Ruling Machines

Ooo Face Of Innocence
And Cruel Times So Vile
I Have To Arm Those Hands Almost Nubile
With The Deadly Tools Of Offense
And Get Both Of Us Drawn
In The Eye Of The Storm



The Soldier
I'm Afraid I Can't Speak Your Language
Mine Has The Accent Of Grief
And Carry A Sour Taste Of Rust
While Yours Is So Naive
Yet Commanding As Lust

Can we ally
Can we Survive
Does times allow
War and Love

Shall we ignore
Shall we explore
And both fall for
Love and War

I'm Afraid I'm Already
Body And Soul, Engaged
Honor Tied
Freedom Allied
Glory For Bride
And Death...Betrothed

So I Try To Quell My Passion
Burying It Deep Under The Demands Of My Mission

But Every time I Close My Eyes
Return This Overwhelming Desire
I Sue My Heart For A Cease-Fire
Instead : “Coward !” It Get Me Chastised

O Lo My Enemies
I Turned Out To Be What I Abhorred
A Soulless War Engine
Hiding Under A Frame Of Armor
A Skeleton Of Tin

You actuate the plans of Fate
Can't understand til it's too late

Maybe Should I Despise You
For Showing Me In A Glimpse Of Bliss
In All Those Values I Held For True
There Was Something ...Amiss

This Saying I was so Proud of
“He's No Man He Who Does Not Fight”
You Taught Me (it) Wasn’t Entirely Right

“He's No Man He Who Does Not Love”



The Trial

Betrayed By One Of His Basest Peers
He Must Face Machine's Mock Justice
Blind Confidence In Mankind
Is No Match 'gainst The Power Of Gold
Man's Champions Must Not Forget That
Judas Has Followers Too

The Soldier
I Confess, I Plotted Against The Machine's State
I Confess, I Did Spread Forbidden Truths Among The Masses
And By Subverting The Technical Brigade
I Confess, My Aim Was To Expose Your Greatest Weaknesses
If There's A Last Deed You Want Me Shrive
I Do Repent That You Caught Me … Alive

Don't Ask Me To Be Disloyal
With Your Calculated Mercy
Who Would You Expect To Foil

Grant Me One Last Victory
Delivering Death Sentence
For In These Time Of Turmoil
Who Blows The Wind Sows The Storm

To Mount The Scaffold
I Won't Be Afraid Of
Cause To Die For Ideals
Is To Live For Those I Love

Don't Hold Me, Don't Push Me
I Choose My Fate On My Own
I Will Walk … Alone

I Am Beyond Your Grip Anyway
Since The Day
I Throw Your Yoke, Away

I've Tasted Unchained The Beauty Of The Stars
Foreseeing A World That One Day Shall Be Ours

If I Had My Time Over Again
I Confess... I Would Do It Again

Betrayed By One Of His Basest Peers
He Must Face Machine's Mock Justice
Beware Though
Who Sows The Wind Blows The Storm

Opus Machina

Bring back the old artifact of Death
to life
Exhume from the depth of our past
the antique engines of murder
Call forth the Architects of violence
May they build
Weapons of Masters Destruction

Break into the Opus Machina

Summon the war spirit !


The Fall of the Colossus



"This is the story of Dogville, a miserable town in a forgotten place. Domineering the landscape, was a gigantic head of steel, left over by the machines to celebrate their victory. Everybody believed that the body of the metal giant was lying underneath, and should anyone stands against the machine's rule, the colossus would rise, and crush the poor little town.

Fear passed, and cowardice stayed. After decades nothing was left of the human grandeur. Until one day a child, playful and uncaring escaped the watch of the elders approached the daring face and in a laugh began to stone it ! Horrified the adults run at him. But it was too late...the giant awoke ! In a deafening rumble, earth shook and the little town trembled. And the legend revealed to be true. Under the old relic was the mighty body of the former robot of war. As it rose its hands spread its lifeless gaze staring at the little child.

But the other children took stones too, and threw them at the monster of steel. An incongruous battle began.

"I am the rule !" said the iron king. "I am might !" roared the tyrant.

Terrified the adults cowered begging their master to spare the life of their children. They had forgotten a machine has no heart, and were surprised to see the robot began to turn around to face with violence the tiny threat of their offspring.

But then everybody saw that from the feet to the waist, the war robot was filled with rot and rust. And unable to carry it's own formidable weight, the machine crumbled in a pile of junk, on which the children of the children are playing today."



Prisoners of War


So Here's The Time For The Final Blow
The Battle I Waited For Years
Under The Pressure Feeling Disappears
A Warrior's Heart's No Place For Sorrow

(I) Wish I Could Speak Like A Bard
Let The Words Spring Out Of My Heart
Sing The Hymns War Never Teach
And Find Peace

Should Fate Has Chosen Tomorrow
To Take Me Away From This World
There's One Thing I Want You To Know
Though A Warrior's Heart's No Place For Sorrow

Do You Taste The Irony
Now That You're Far Away
Come The Words I Never Dare To Say
Bursting Out Of My Chest Like A Yell
This Truth I Never Face To Tell

In This World Of Uncertainty
Cursing The Whims Of Destiny
The Only Thing I Hold For True
Is That I Love


The Human Power


Magnificent by their number
Pride honor and faith returned
head held high and standing up
by millions the people gather

Determined and confident
Unfaltering Unwavering
Suddenly we remember
How mighty's the Human Power

Wrathful and Invincible
Dauntless and Unstoppable
Reckless and Implacable
Machine's Downfall is imminent

Unbeatable by your number
Pride honor and faith returned
hold head high and stand up
by millions o people gather

Determined and confident
Unfaltering Unwavering
Suddenly we remember
How mighty's the Human Power

Wrathful and Invincible
Dauntless and Unstoppable
Reckless and Implacable
Downfall is imminent



Dies illa
Sors immanis

Fortuna plango vulnera
Stillantibus ocellis
Venum est, quod legitur
Quod sua michi munera
subtrahit rebellis

Fortuna variabilis
rota tu volubilis
nunc obdunt et tunc curat
similis sum fo-li-o
De quo ludunt venti

Fortuna rota volvitur
similis sum folio
De quo ludunt venti
amaritudine descendo
semper in angaria

Fortuna variabilis
rota tu volubilis
nunc obdunt et tunc curat
Quod sua michi munera
subtrahit rebellis

O fortuna
Semper crescis
aut decrescis



Of The Majestic Dooms
Of The Chilling Dusks
Of The Appalling Wounds
Of The Destinies Unjust
Of All Freya's Runes
Of Utopias In Ruins
Of The Heralds Of Gloom

Of The Defeats Endured
Of The Battles Survived
Of The Ordeals Outlived
Of Our Heroines Grieved
Of The Dread Eclypses
Of All The Lost Causes

You're The Most

Stay With Me
Don't Punish Me With This Agony
Stay With Me
I Don't Wanna Live For Memories

Forgive Me Gods,
But I Forbid You To Forestall Me In Valhalla
Stay With...
And Since Fate, Has Designed My Own Crucifixion
I'd Gladly Trade This Place, Infernal
For The Desert Fields Of Oblivion
Where Our Love

Shall Be





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