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The Rebellion of Terra


Rebellion of Terra audio preview

The Rebellion of Terra is available as a luxuous double CD digipack, featuring Omniscience artwork with the kind permission of its authors.

Disc 1 (14 titles 57 min.) contains the original versions of the tracks. Disc 2 (12 titles 48 min.) contains remixes and alternative edits (no voice, no drum, no synth...), while they might not be those you'll listen the most at, these "light" versions make it easier to catch the underlying melodies in the "just a little bit overcrowded" original mix.

All tracks have been professionally mastered by Lord de Grandeur (Studio Polycarpe).

This physical edition is available directly at our store, or at our partner CD baby at the most reasonable price you can expect for a double CD.

The Rebellion of Terra is also available at all our partners in digital format.


Price includes port and taxes

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