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The Book of Enoch


Gabriel from the Book of Enoch

Angels. Angelos. Messengers.
The pop culture heroes of light and glory.
Protectors, paragons of virtue, saviors, invincible champions of Good ... and yet so human.
Let's dive into 15 instrumental songs loosely based on Christian mythology's most popular creatures, so mighty when they shine and so epic when they fall.

The Book of Enoch is a neo-classical evocation of the mythical embodiment of good warriors fighting against evil. Underneath it's aggressive style, it is powered by positive energy as a deliberate choice.

While each title was composed with a specific figure in mind, it is loosely related to religion. Yet, the whole album could be imagined as a bold descent into the depths of Hell, to kick some demon's ass...


Listen some tracks on CD Baby or on Soundcloud and see you in Hell ^^.


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