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Europia - a modern dystopia

So what's next ?

Light and Darkness is actually working on "Europia", a post modern dystopia sets in a war torn European Union. The writing began in April 2014, probably as a reaction to the return of old European ghosts such as civil war and right wing extremism. No science-fiction or fancy heroic fantasy here, it is unfortunately deeply rooted in the present.

As a story about the West, the style had to pay homage to western music and thus is bending toward classical music. Almost no more upfront synthetic sounds, and the rules of harmony are carefully respected, but don't expect a too much "brainy" or intellectualized composition, the aim is still to catch you at the first listening !

At this date music writing is done, and Light and Darkness is working hard on the voices and the mixing. Release date expected for Fall 2015.

Europia will contain 13 core tracks completed by a second disc of remixes and edits, and as always it will follow a whole story arc.

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