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Only one week left to take the opportunity of CD baby free freight cost.
As well as being our main distribution partner, CD baby has a lot of indie and rare bands : yes they have Epic music, Experimental, EBM, Industrial, Dark folk, Dark ambiant... The site is a little bit messy, be prepared to browse for a while, but it's worth entering.
For many European customers like me, freight charges are usually high, but for the month of February (only), CD baby is charging only 1c if you buy at least 3 CDs. That's really a good deal, knowing that they also have some offers at 5$ only, and, again, you might find that special something !
Remember though that you risk a 20% VAT that is only partly balanced by the Euro/Dollar rate.
For those of you who would ask : CD baby take 4$ on each sale, all the rest goes to the artist.
Happy shopping !


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